One Day Workshop on Cyber Security Awareness


Gnet Technologies Gondia and Shankarlal Agrawal College of Science Salekasa have organized eventful one day workshop on “Cyber Security and Awareness” By Mr. Girish Sahare and Mr. Nikhil   Rahangdale on  04 Feb 2017 between 11 am to 5 pm.

Dr. Arpana Kkursel , Principal Shankarlal Agrawal Science college, Salekasa precised over the  function with her scintillating talk about cyber security.   She  also facilitated Mr. Girish Sahare and Nikhil Rahangdale and also address the gathering.

Mr. Girish Sahare said that out India Rapidly movies towards cashless economy,  the “Cyber crime” is the big problem. There is no Business without eCommerce whether it is industry sector, Government Bodies,  Bank , Service Sector etc. there is having computer and information technology. thus hacking is become a very real and major threat. At out everyday lives we can not functioning without the use of this technology. Cyber Crime is more harm to society that traditional crime.

Students also get aware about social media risk, security by Mr. Nikhil Rahangdale. Demo of Cashless Government Wallet what we called e wallet are also  explain during this session.

In addition majority of the faculties across Shankarlal Agrawal Science College attended the workshop.